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Your passport to confident travel

AANT International Travel Insurance is your passport to less stressful adventures abroad. From vibrant cityscapes to exotic beaches, we're your companion. Choose the plan that suits you and enjoy peace of mind leading up to, and during, your trip. So pack your bags, grab your passport and unlock a world of exploration with AANT Domestic, Annual Multi Trip & International TMD.

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Further information and limitations are listed in our Product Disclosure Statement effective 15th December 2023 and AANT Domestic, Annual Multi Trip & International TMD.

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Important information 

*$Unlimited means that generally there is no cap on the maximum dollar amount which may be paid out of this benefit, subject to the specific terms and conditions, sub-limits and exclusion apply to this benefit. #Limits, sub-limits and exclusions apply. ^ Claims relating to cancellation of annual leave are excluded, except for emergency services personnel who can be covered where their employer cancels their annual leave so they can attend to an unexpected emergency or where they are required to be relocated overseas unexpectedly.  In which case, sub-limits for this benefit apply, which vary depending on the policy taken out.       
# Lost luggage: sub-limits apply to all items, and pairs and sets (including accessories) are treated as one item.      
+ Sub-limits apply for the loss of specific items.

Benefits are subject to the terms and conditions (including the limits, sub-limits and exclusions) of the insurance policy product. Automobile Association of the Northern Territory Inc (ABN13 431 478 529  AR 000433569) (AANT) is acting as Authorised Representative for the underwriter Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. (ABN 80 000 438 291 AFSL AFSL [JS2] 246548) (Tokio Marine). AANT may receive a commission which is a percentage of the premium paid and may also receive a portion of the underwriting profit.

Exclusions, limits, and sub-limits apply. This insurance is issued by Tokio Marine. Consider the Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement (PDF) when deciding whether to purchase this product. Any advice set out above is general in nature only, and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any of this information, you should consider its appropriateness having regards to your personal circumstances.

Whilst the PDS outlines the Terms and Conditions of these products, the AANT Domestic, Annual Multi Trip & International TMD’s outline the intended class of customers that comprise the target market for these travel products. This will allow you to consider which products best suit your objectives, financial situation and needs and consider the products appropriateness to your personal circumstances. TMD’s also outline matters involving the distribution and the review of these products. The TMD’s for each travel product can be found at

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