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The smart way to buy your next vehicle 

Discover the power of novated leasing and transform your car dreams into reality. Novated leasing is a simple and cost-effective way to finance a new or used vehicle. It’s a type of salary packaging agreement between you and your employer, and allows you to allocate a portion of your pre-tax salary towards the vehicle payments and running costs. 

Tax savings

  • By paying for your car and its expenses with pre-tax income, you can save a significant amount on income tax. 

 Save on vehicle purchase price

  • We can also access fleet pricing on new vehicles, saving you even more.
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  • If your circumstances change during the lease period, such as changing jobs, you may be able to transfer the lease or even purchase the car outright.


  • We’ll takes care of all the boring administrative tasks associated with car ownership, such as vehicle registration, insurance, and maintenance. 

Local service

  • We’re the only salary packing company that is 100% NT owned. Thousands of Territorian’s trust us to look after their novated leasing needs. 
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How does novated leasing work?

  • Choose your vehicle: Select the car of your choice. Whether it's a sleek sports car, a family-friendly SUV, or a fuel-efficient hybrid, the choice is yours.
  • Agree on lease terms: Once you've found the car you want, you'll enter into a novation agreement with your employer and a leasing company. This agreement transfers the lease obligations to your employer, who will deduct lease payments from your pre-tax salary.
  • Enjoy the benefits: With a novated lease, you'll have access to a range of benefits. These include tax savings, simplified budgeting with fixed monthly payments, comprehensive vehicle management services, and the flexibility to choose your lease terms.

Take advantage of AANT Salary Packaging’s national fleet buying power and save on your next vehicle purchase today!



AANT Salary Packaging Visa Card

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience in managing your vehicle expenses with our Salary Packaging Visa Card.

Make the most of no fees and no fuel surcharges, giving you the freedom to fill up your vehicle wherever Visa is accepted, right across Australia. Say hello to even more savings!

AANT Salary Packaging Visa Card
What happens if I change employers or stop working?

Your agreement is fully portable between employers. What was once only available to the public service sector, is now available to every working Australian. If you decide to stop working, you can continue the agreement directly with the financier or potentially transfer to a family member or associate.

What happens if I don't spend all of my deductions?

Any unspent provisions can be withdrawn via your payroll at any time throughout the term. Surplus at the end can be rolled into your new vehicle, if you wish to upgrade.

Do I own the car and who can drive it?

You are the registered and insured owner of the vehicle therefore the decision of who drives it is entirely yours!

Can I lease more than one vehicle?

Yes you may lease more than one vehicle for you and your family members.

Will FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) apply?

Fringe Benefits Tax does not apply to a novated lease.

Do I require a large income to benefit?

No, as long as you pay tax, you will benefit.

Do you have to drive the vehicle for work?

No the vehicle can be driven entirely for personal travel.

What happens at the end of the term?
  • Upgrade your vehicle - You can upgrade your vehicle by trading in or selling your existing vehicle, keeping any profits tax free
  • Extend your current package for another term - You can re-lease your existing residual which allows you to continue to receive your income tax and GST savings on the same vehicle
  • Payout the remaining residual
  • Own the vehicle outright with Residual - You can purchase the vehicle outright by paying the residual amount owing on the finance.