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Introducing AANT

Your ultimate road companion! We're your go-to 24/7 Roadside Assistance provider, here to rescue you from those unexpected bumps on the road, whether it's a flat battery on your way to work or a tire mishap after a late-night party. We've got your back, getting you back on the road and living life to the fullest!

Hold up, holdup! You think we're just about fixing flat tires? Think again!

We've got a secret stash of perks and discounts that'll make your jaw drop and your wallet thank you. We're talking about savings on your daily grind and epic adventures alike. Curious? You better be! Check out our Perks and see how your AANT membership is about to become the MVP of your life!


Roadside Assistance 24/7

Stay in the driver's seat 24/7 with our round-the-clock roadside assistance, ensuring you're covered even when the world hits the snooze button!

L and P platers get discounted membership

Big discounts on Standard, Plus, and Premium cover for your first 12 months! Score a Standard Membership for just $55 for a whole year. Get peace of mind as a new driver and save big bucks!

Save Money!

Say goodbye to shelling out cash or calling in favours every time you hit a snag on the road – with our roadside assistance, saving money is just part of the ride!

Win Oasis Double Pass Tickets to Bass 2024

Experience the ultimate music event with Oasis Double Pass tickets from AANT! Includes 4 drinks, $20 food voucher, express entry, exclusive amenities, and more.