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Street Smart High is an annual event that has been growing in attendance each year. It provides an immersive experience for students and teachers, helping them understand the impact of dangerous and distracted driving and the consequences for those involved in a crash.

The program provides students with firsthand experiences and educates them about their responsibilities as drivers and responsible passengers. It provides information and strategies to avoid serious injuries and death, and highlights the consequences of distracted driving, not wearing a seat belt, speeding, drink and drug driving, and driver fatigue.

"Road crashes are a top cause of death for under 25s, with crash rates surging 20-30 times after obtaining a provisional license."





8 Guest



20 Interactive


What happens at a Street Smart High event?

On the day, students will:

  • witness a simulated crash scene, including pre-and-post-crash analysis;
  • hear from people whose lives have been affected by road trauma
  • interact with leading community, Territory Government Police, Fire and Ambulance personnel and industry organisations and programs that aim to keep young people safe 
  • learn road safety skills and knowledge.

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2024 Event program

Download the AANT Street Smart High program.


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Kathleen Middleton, Teacher - Darwin High

Please thank everyone you know for this fantastic presentation. I saw something similar before in 1995 andit never left me. My students assure me they will never forget this and the messages.

Emma Strotifeldt, Year 12 Student -The Essington School Darwin

The Street-Smart High event was a sobering and important experience for all Year 11 & 12 students, many of whom have just received their own provisional licenses. I would recommend it to any and all students planning to learn how to drive.

Jade Dortmans, Teacher - Katherine High School

I just wanted to let you know how amazing the program was and how much the students at Katherine High School loved it. It was such an eye opener and I found that is just what these kids need to see. It will really make them think twice about their actions and the implications it has on not only themselves but on others.

Funding Partners

The initiative receives support from the Northern Territory Government, the Motor Accident Compensation Commission and generous partners who recognise its vital role in promoting road safety within the community.

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