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eGift Cards

eGift Cards

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You must be logged into the AANT Members Portal to purchase e Gift cards online.

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How to purchase your eGift Card

  1. If you are not a member Join AANT.
  2. Log into the Member Portal
  3. Click on the eGift Card link.
  4. Browse over 30 stores. 
  5. Purchase gift cards.
  6. Receive the gift card to your phone or email.
  7. Easily redeem discounts in store or online*

How to redeem your AANT eGift Card

Redeeming your eGift is really simple, all you need is your mobile phone. Once you checkout from our eGift Card Portal you’ll receive the gift card straight to your phone. If you’ve bought it as a gift your recipient will receive it instead. 

Each gift card has its own barcode, which can be scanned or manually entered at the retailer.  


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