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Let us help you make the right battery choice 

You can count on AANT's renowned roadside experts and authorised stockists to guide you in selecting the perfect battery for your vehicle. Choose from a range of battery options, including Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty, and Premium models, all backed by a 24-month warranty.

Not sure about the right battery for your vehicle? Use our Battery Finder to help. All you need to do is provide some basic details about your vehicle, and we'll recommend the best option for you.

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AANT battery stockists


Business Name



Alice SpringsOutback Mechanical15 Cameron St8952 4658
Berry SpringsBerry Springs Mechanical795 Cox Peninsula Rd8988 6347
BorroloolaTJS One StopLot 535 Robinson Rd8975 8813
Daly WatersHi-Way InnCnr Stuart Hwy & Carpenteria Hwy8975 9925
ElliottBagnall Agencies5 Lowis St8969 2085
HoltzeRoad Pulse    1/13 Mander Rd8932 5956
JabiruBP Jabiru44 Lakeside Dve8979 2001
KatherineKatherine Towing1127 Victoria Hwy 8972 2822
KulgeraKulgera Towing Company    1 South Stuart Hwy    8956 0973
MatarankaRoper River TransportStuart Hwy8975 4583
Pine CreekPine Creek Auto Repairs33 Jensen St8976 1172
Tennant Creek  Up Front Towing (Three Ways Road House)Cnr Stuart Hwy & Barkly Hwy    0499 449 979
Timber CreekNWAC Enterprises (Timber Creek Mechanical)27 Wilson St8975 0413
WinnellieMy Autocare166 Coonawarra Rd8984 4555


Battery service centre


Business Name



WinnellieMy Autocare166 Coonawarra Rd8984 4555


Battery warranty

Battery RatingHeavy DutyExtra Heavy Duty
Warranty Period1 Year2 Years
Star Rating*******
CapactiyThis is the minimum
specification battery to suit the
vehicle typical lead/antimony construction.
Only suitable for older cars.
Higher capacity battery
to suit vehicles
with extra accessories,
typically a hybrid calcium construction.
Why Upgrade?1 Year warranty2 Year warranty
Higher starting power
What causes a car battery to drain overnight?

A battery will gradually discharge if a radio or interior light is left on, and a fully charged battery will go flat within 4 to 5 hours if the headlights remain on overnight. Parasitic drain, or key-off drain, is a cumulative effect caused by electrical devices like radio presets, alarm systems, clocks and door locking systems, which continue to use power while the engine is off.

What is a starting battery?

Starting batteries are designed to start a vehicle by providing a large amount of power over a short period of time. 

What is a deep cycle battery?

Usually rated in amp hours, deep cycle batteries are designed to produce a small amount of power over a long period of time, and to be drained and then recharged. They're ideal for powering camping accessories like lights, fridges, radios etc, but they're not designed to produce the amount of current needed to start a vehicle.

Why do batteries tend to fail in hot or cold weather?

The fluid level in the cells of non maintenance-free batteries needs to be regularly checked and topped up with distilled water when necessary. Hot weather can reduce the level of this fluid and cause internal damage. AANT batteries are maintenance-free and do not require topping up. Hot weather also speeds up the chemical reaction inside the battery, leading to faster deterioration of the plates, while cold weather can slow down this reaction and cause sluggish performance.

How can I tell if my battery is weak?

Batteries disintegrate over time because the acid slowly corrodes the internal components. A battery usually gives little warning before it has insufficient power to start a car. The most accurate way to check its condition is by measuring the remaining capacity with an electronic battery tester, which can be done by AANT or your mechanic.

My battery light has come on, does this mean I need a new one?

Not necessarily.  When the battery lights come on, it can be due to the electrical system in the car.  An AANT roadside patrol can diagnose the issue and also inspect your battery.