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Enjoy 6c off every litre of fuel

Everybody loves a fuel discount. That’s why we’re offering AANT members 6c off per litre off fuel at participating United Fuel service stations in the NT. You can save on Unleaded (91), Premium Unleaded (98 and 95) and Diesel. This discount can be used once a day and is limited to 150 litres in one transaction.

Check out our location map to find participation fuel stations near you.



How to get this deal

Show your physical or digital membership car when you go to pay for your fuel


United Fuel outlets not participating in the AANT/United Fuel Discount Program

  • Adelaide River​
  • Borroloola 
  • Mary River
  • Mataranka
  • Tennant Creek
  • Victoria River Downs 

Terms & Conditions

AANT United Fuel Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the fuel discount include Diesel? Or is it only for Petrol vehicles?

The AANT/United Fuel Discount is available for petrol (all grades) and diesel, but does not include LPG.

How many times can I use this discount?

 This Fuel Discount can only be used once a day at participating United service stations.

Can I use the fuel discount for other purchases in the United Store?

Sorry, the Fuel Discount only applies to the purchase of fuel – petrol and diesel.

How long will the fuel discounts last for?

AANT and United Petroleum have entered into a long term partnership and will continue to offer a 6 cent discount on any fuel purchase in a multi-year agreement.

How do I find participating sites in my area?

All participating sites will be listed on

My AANT Membership Card is not working at participating outlets – what do I do?

If you are experiencing any difficulty using your AANT Card at a participating outlet, contact AANT with your member information and a summary of the issues.

When did the promotion start?

The Fuel Discount Program became available to AANT members from May 2015.

Will the cards work in conjunction with other fuel offers (e.g. 4c of Caltex vouchers/4c off Coles vouchers)?

No, the AANT/United discount does not work in conjunction with other offers and cannot be combined with other discounts from other parties.

I’m an AANT Member and I want my whole family to be able to enjoy the United Fuel Discount – how do I make that possible?

AANT offer a group membership where members within one family can have one simple bill and each additional membership saves $10. Join them up as AANT Members today by calling AANT on 08 8925 5901.

Can I use this card interstate to get a discount?

No, this discount is for AANT members for fuel purchases at participating United Service Stations in the NT.

I already have a United fuel card, can I still use that?

No, this offer is linked to your AANT membership and cannot be combined with other offers/discounts.

Can commercial AANT customers or fleet vehicles obtain a AANT/United Fuel Card?

Yes, you can now apply for an AANT / United card using this link: 

I currently live interstate; do I receive a card, where can I use it?

The discount is only available for fuel purchases in the Territory, but if you are a member travelling into the Territory and want a card we are happy to provide one, call us 08 8925 5901.

Can my partner/child/friend use my card? Will you check identification?

This offer is connected to a personal membership and only the AANT member is entitled to access the discount. We do have ways to monitor the usage and the service stations may randomly check identification.

How many litres can I fill at one time to receive the discount?

The maximum amount is 150 litres of fuel in any one transaction