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Save up to 42% off the cost of an Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle novated leasing is a flexible and cost-effective way to get behind the wheel of an Electric Vehicle. It combines the convenience of novated leasing with the environmental advantages and financial savings of driving an EV.

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Why choose an Electric Vehicle novated lease?

  • Get into the EV market for much less - By deducting repayments, maintenance costs, insurance, charging expenses, and registration fees from your pre-tax income, you can get into the EV market for a significantly lower cost.
  • High resale price - Embrace the future of low-emission vehicles and reap the benefits. As the demand for EVs continues to rise, their resale value remain strong. 
  • Environmental responsibility - Whether you’re an employee or employer, Electric Vehicle novated leasing shows your commitment to environmental sustainability by playing your part to reduce emissions.
Man charging his Electric Vehicle (EV) at a charging station.

Buying an EV on a novated lease is a no-brainer

Tax saving at its finest. Electric Vehicle novated leasing provides 100% tax savings as well as GST relief, making this the smartest choice for all new car buyers.

We compare buying a Tesla Model 3 on a novated lease against a car loan and outright cash purchase.

graph of the comparison on buying a Tesla on a Novated Lease, versus a Car loan vs an outright cash purchase



Novated Lease 

Car Loan


Net Cost Per Week    
$210.00    $322.91    $258.56

Running Cost Included    

Initial Net Cost Over the Term           
$54,600.00 $83,956.60$67,225.60
Running Costs         $21,470.46    $21,470.46
Residual Value Inc GST    $18,980.43    

Total cost over 5 years