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Traveling often involves adventure, whether it's exploring ancient ruins or diving into crystal-clear waters. However, it's crucial to understand what activities your travel insurance covers to give you added peace of mind during your journey. 


We have put together a general guide of what you are covered for, but always refer to your policy's Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for specific details:


Included Activities

Some amateur sports and adventure activities are covered under standard travel insurance policies at no additional cost. For example, snorkelling, guided hiking tours, scooter rentals, and white-water rafting up to Grade 4 Rapids are typically covered. However, it's essential to act responsibly and adhere to all safety guidelines while participating in these activities.


Activities with Conditions

Certain activities may be covered, but specific conditions must be met. For instance, scuba diving might be covered if conducted through a licensed operator. Similarly, zip-lining and hot air ballooning may be covered if operated by licensed providers and deemed safe. Always ensure you meet and know the conditions and any general exclusions outlined in your policy's PDS before engaging in such activities.


Activities Not Covered

There are activities that standard travel insurance policies typically do not cover. . Examples include mountaineering above a certain altitude, participation in professional sports, paragliding or hang gliding. These exclusions aim to mitigate risks associated with activities that require specialised training or pose significant dangers.


While this provides a general overview of what activities may or may not be covered by travel insurance, it's crucial to know your policy's PDS. If you're unsure about coverage for a specific activity, contact your insurance provider for clarification. By understanding your coverage and acting responsibly during your travels, you can enjoy your adventures with added peace of mind.

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Further information and limitations are listed in our Product Disclosure Statement effective 15th December 2023 and AANT Domestic, Annual Multi Trip & International TMD.

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