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What do I do when I breakdown?

Breakdowns happen when you least expect it, and having your vehicle die on you, on a quiet street is one thing, but having it happen on a highway or busy road where cars are zooming past at 100 kms per hour poses a whole new level of risk.

Being prepared for this unexpected event can mean the difference between danger and safety for both you and your vehicle.

Here are a few steps you can take to help you cope with an unexpected car breakdown and get you behind the wheel and back on the road sooner.


  • Call 13 11 11 to talk to our Road Service team
  • You will need your AANT Member number and the best phone number to reach you on
  • The registration number, make, model and colour of your vehicle
  • All your location details, including the street name, suburb or town, closest intersection, which side of the street you're on and any distinguishing landmarks
  • An explanation of what happened or appears to be the problem with your vehicle
  • After calling us stay with your vehicle until help arrives.
  • Leave your mobile switched on.

If you're in the Northern Territory, your call will be routed directly to AANT. In all other locations throughout Australia, your call will be directed to the local affiliated motoring organisation.

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