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Ensuring the ongoing maintenance of your home is not just a matter of aesthetics; 

it is a fundamental strategy to help reduce the stress that can arise from potential issues. A well-maintained home is a resilient one, capable of withstanding the test of time and weathering the challenges of daily life. Here to help is our go to guide for keeping your home in tip to shape.

Beat the Heat

In the Territory, where the heat is relentless, having a dependable air-conditioner is a must. The high humidity in the NT provides an ideal environment for mould, dust, dirt, and bacteria buildup. Regular checks on your unit are crucial to ensure it's operating at its best. Beyond just providing cool comfort, a well-maintained air-conditioner reduces the risk of breakdowns and can even cut down on your power expenses.

BBQ Bliss

Territorians love a good barbecue. Before your next outdoor feast, inspect your BBQ for any signs of wear, especially the gas cylinder. Enhance safety with a gas safety gauge, ensuring a sizzling summer without worries.


With balmy breezes, leaving doors open is tempting. Confirm your locks are sturdy, especially if there are valuable gifts around. Explore digital or biometric locks compatible with home security systems for that extra layer of protection.

Gutter Care

Strong winds can leave gutters clogged with debris. Don't wait for the next storm, clear them now to help rainwater drain from your roof and prevent clogging. Consider professional help for gutter guards, making maintenance a breeze.

Tropical Garden

Lush gardens are a Territory trademark. However, be mindful of overhanging branches and palm fronds which could cause hazards during the wet season. Consult with your local council, and hire an arborist to assess and trim trees, ensuring your haven stays safe and serene.  

Bask in the unique joys of your Northern Territorian home with fewer worries. For insurance protection, have a chat with AANT for a quote on your Home and Contents Insurance.

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Insurance for your home

Knowing that your home and belongings can be covered for when the unexpected happens is priceless.

Always read the PDS and TMDs from CGU Insurance.