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Family Getaway

Family road trips are exciting. Discovering new places, unexpected adventures and unplanned beach stops. While road trips are full of treasured moments, they can also be challenging.

WORDS BY: STANLEY CHI TING PANG, Wizard Pharmacy Casuarina Pharmacist Manager

Just as you plan your route, it pays to give some thought to the items that will make your trip safe and comfortable. Instead of the unexpected milkshake disaster or upset stomach derailing a happy day, being prepared with easy-to-access essentials at hand can help you deal with the problem and get back to creating new memories.

Whether you are planning an epic coastal itinerary or an outback driving getaway, keeping the following 10 essential items close at hand will mean you are prepared no matter where the road takes you.

First-aid kit
Your local Wizard Pharmacy stocks a range of first-aid kits, or you can ask your pharmacist about putting together your own customised kit. Remember that some items may have a use-by date and need to be replaced periodically.

Sun protection
Be sure you are well covered with SPF50+ sunscreen, rashies, hats and sunglasses.

Insect repellent
Keep bug bites at bay with your family’s preferred insect spray or lotion.

If anyone in your family requires regular or emergency medication, such as an EpiPen, keep this handy in a well-marked container.

Motion sickness
Prevention is key. If someone in your family is prone to motion sickness, ensure they take their motion sickness medication before they feel nauseous. Ginger tablets and acupressure wristbands may also help.

Drinking an oral rehydration solution will help to prevent dehydration from vomiting or diarrhoea when you’re on the road.

Cleaning up
Surface wipes are handy for cleaning spills and accidents, while hand sanitiser can be kept in the cup holder between the front seats for easy access.

Garbage bags
Keep your car clean and tidy with garbage bags that can be disposed of each day to prevent bad smells and the spread of germs.

If you are changing a tyre or making a toilet dash in the dark, you’ll be glad you packed your torch.

Travel pillows and blankets
Being comfortable on long drives is important. A travel blanket can also double as a picnic rug for roadside breaks.

To avoid rummaging through luggage looking for essential items in an emergency, keep your 10 essential items in a separate bag in easy reach.

Whether it’s a drive to the beach or around Australia, your local Wizard Pharmacy can help you with many of your holiday essentials to make your next family road trip one to remember.

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