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Get Road Trip Ready

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Here’s five things you should check before you leave.

The car is full to the brim, a playlist’s been made and the destination is logged into the GPS. Before you back out of the driveway - whether you’re bound for Litchfield or Uluru - here’s what AANT motoring experts say you should do first. 

Check the spare

When something’s out of sight, it really is out of mind – don’t forget to check your spare tyre (generally hidden in the boot or under the vehicle) is in good working order. You don’t want to pull it out when it’s needed to find out you forgot to get a new one last time you had a flat.

Back to basics

Check your oil, coolant and tyres. If your tyres are under-inflated, it can affect the steering of your vehicle and make you chew through fuel quicker. If they’re over-inflated, it can lead to reduced traction or even a blow-out. You can find the recommended tyre pressure in your owner’s manual or in a placard in the driver’s side door frame.

Make sure your lights are working

This one’s something most people take for granted, but is especially important if you’re travelling at night. Headlights, indicators and brake lights should all be checked, and if you’re towing a trailer or caravan, don’t forget to check those lights too.

Clean your screen

There’s a lot of bugs in the NT, and it’s hard to keep your windscreen clean at the best of times. Some paper towel with methylated spirits (diluted with a bit of water) or a little white vinegar on a clean cloth should do the trick to clean it. Make sure you’ve got a good supply of windshield washing fluid and that your wiper blades are in good condition too.

Jack who?

Most newer cars include jacks and other tools you might need with the spare, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Being stranded with a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere isn’t ideal, so get acquainted with your equipment and check the owner’s manual if you can’t find it.

Another key to a great road trip is roadside assistance, AANT has three levels of cover, Premium, Plus, and Standard.

Click here to compare the plans - giving you the peace of mind to go out and enjoy your trip.

Still not sure what cover is best for you? Call us on 8925 5901 and we'll be happy to assist.


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