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Weathering Storms and Paving the Road Ahead

The 22 October 1963 marked the beginnings of AANT. Over a hundred individuals congregated at the Town Hall to witness the birth of the Automobile Association of the Northern Territory (AANT).

Darwin's Mayor announces AAA's (Australian Automobile Association) generous support of 1500 pounds over three years, helping create the AANT. It was an exciting moment, attended by Automobile Association VIPs and cheered by Territorians. The NT Administrator even chipped in 100 pounds. And so, the AANT’s 60-year journey began.

The journey wasn't a smooth ride, thanks to tough terrains, harsh weather, cyclones, floods, and financial hiccups. But as true Territorians, these challenges were embraced. 

AANT President Trevor Cox says, “This legacy remains firmly in our DNA, as we remain a Member owned association, committed to supporting the Territory way of life”.  

From our humble beginnings in 1963 to the significant milestone of 1993, our membership swelled from 2,000 to an impressive 15,000. AANT were not merely roadside saviors, but also advocates for motorists as the Territory expanded.

Through trials such as Cyclone Tracy, floods, and more, AANT extended a helping hand, often with the steadfast support of the RAA. In the early 1990s, the need for support was recognised to thrive due to the size of the membership base and the vastness of the Territory. The year 2000 brought about a life-saving agreement between AANT and the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA). This close-knit partnership with RAA not only delivered added value to our members but also introduced technology that facilitated better communication with the member base, paving the way for growth.

As we approach our 60th birthday our strategic vision is firmly anchored in enhancing the member experience and consistently elevating our overall value proposition. The integration of AANT Salary Packaging is one great example of our offering expansion which compliments our existing services and delivers further benefits to our members.  

Our commitment to educating our community on critical issues such as road safety, vehicle well-being, and road conditions in the Northern Territory has remained unwavering. One key pillar of this advocacy work is the annual Street Smart High event conducted in partnership with MACC and the NT Government. With over 1,200 high school students attending this one-day road safety event, students acquire the knowledge needed to navigate the roads safely. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from students and schools has inspired us to persist in our mission to empower the next generation of responsible road users.

Today, AANT's core values remain as important as ever:

  • Here for Members, here for the Territory
  • We use our voice and make sure we’re heard
  • We value our team and collaborate to improve

“We are working hard to ensure this level of care shows up in our everyday actions and in practical ways when we interact with our Members – whether it be in person, on the phone or online,” Trevor says. 
“We know that our future success depends on our members and the way we work with you to meet your needs.”

As we gear up for the future, we're focused on making your AANT experience even better. Our goal? To enhance your journey, whether on the road or online, and to keep providing top-notch support for our beloved members and the Territory we call home. Our commitment to your safety and well-being on the road remains unshakable.

So, what's next? With your support, we're looking forward to writing the next chapter of our story – one that's filled with more incredible adventures and unwavering support for you, our cherished members.

24/7 Roadside Assist

While we can’t stop those unexpected car troubles from happening, we can help you get back on the road as soon as possible. From breakdowns to flat tyres and dead batteries, AANT’s service is fast and reliable.