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Will Toyota's dominance in the Northern Territory last?

In the ever-evolving automotive landscape of the Northern Territory, one brand has consistently asserted its dominance: Toyota.

Renowned for delivering reliable, versatile, and robust vehicles that cater to the diverse needs of NT residents, Toyota has solidified its position as the brand choice across the NT. Recent findings from the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE) car registration data analysed by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) shed light on the prevalent trend, revealing that the Toyota has emerged as a clear favourite among drivers. 

According to the findings, Toyota drivers were most prominent in several areas of the Northern Territory. In Darwin, they accounted for 38% of drivers, while in Alice Springs, Litchfield, and Katherine, they made up 40%, 46% and 49% of drivers. The data highlights the widespread preference for Toyota vehicles in these regions, emphasizing their popularity among the local population. However, the question remains how much longer will Toyota continue its reign?  

With the current high demand for new vehicles and delivery times ranging anywhere from 6-24 months in Australia, Territorians looking to buy a new Toyota are unfortunately facing record waiting times for their deliveries. Which is due to the auto industry’s struggle with soaring demand, production shortages, and supply constraints. 

However, if you’re currently searching for a new vehicle and hoping to avoid long waiting periods, there’s no need to worry. AANT Salary Packaging provides a convenient solution by leveraging their extensive network to locate and deliver vehicles to customers within optimal timeframes. Let’s delve into some of the highly rated vehicles available in the NT that come with short waiting times. 

The Ford Ranger is an excellent car for the Northern Territory due to its off-road capability, towing capacity, durability, and safety features. With its rugged design 4x4 variants, and robust suspension, it can navigate challenging terrains. The Ranger’s towing capacities make it suitable for hauling equipment and supplies. Its reliability and advanced safety features provide confidence in remote areas. Additionally, the Ranger offers comfort and practicality, making it a versatile choice for both daily driving and adventurous journeys in the Northern Territory. 

Mitsubishi Outlander is a versatile and capable vehicle for the Northern Territory. With its off-road capability, good ground clearance, and all-wheel drive system, it can handle rough terrains and dirt tracks. The spacious interior provides ample room for passengers and cargo, making it suitable for longer trips and camping equipment. Its fuel efficiency is beneficial for covering long distances and is a practical and dependable choice for exploring the diverse landscape of the NT. 

If you’re looking for a car for around town, electric vehicles are an affordable option, not to mention environmentally friendly. With generous Fringe Benefits Tax concessions, the BYD Atto 3  is a perfect choice and without the cost of fuel, has lower running costs than many other models. The Atto 3 stands as a remarkable electric medium-sized SUV / hatch and is the perfect family car. Plus, AANT Salary Packaging in Darwin provides the opportunity to test drive a BYD vehicle so you can experience all the BYD has to offer. 

Although Toyota has built an exceptional reputation for its toughness and versatility, there are other makes and models that are well-suited for the Territory way of life. To find out more or get a quote on the vehicles mentioned, contact AANT Salary Packaging on 1300 946 527