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Rural Road Safety Month

September is Rural Road Safety Month, creating awareness around reducing road trauma on rural roads.

It’s devastating to think that rural road crashes account for more than 65% of the Australian road toll, and the rate of serious road-related injury in rural areas is nearly twice that of those in major cities. In the Northern Territory alone, there were 37 deaths on rural roads in 2022.

Whether you’re driving on rural roads for a short period of time to visit family and friends, driving a few hours to visit an iconic national park, or driving to visit the Top End from the Red Centre – rural road safety is the responsibility of us all.

Choosing road safety, taking responsibility for ourselves and others while driving and obeying road rules will all help to increase safety on rural roads and reduce road trauma.

Plus, we’ve listed some further tips here:

  • Drive to suit the conditions and check the Road Report NT before going on a road trip
  • Stay focused and take regular breaks
  • Use caution when overtaking and make sure that the section of road where you intend to pass is marked accordingly
  • Stick to the speed limit
  • Be aware of wildlife along the way
  • Use the designated rest stops along the highways

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