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Risky Roads

7 October 2021

Survey to give voice to Territorians

Nominations to the ‘Risky Roads’ survey launched on Tuesday, are already being received from all corners of the NT by both AANT members and non-members, from urban and regional areas, stating where they
believe NT’s riskiest roads to be.

AANT’s CEO, Anthony Hill said “Capturing feedback from our road users is critical to helping AANT know about these issues, in order to improve road safety for all Territorians”.

“We want to tap into the invaluable local knowledge of our 20,000 members, but we have also extended an invitation to all Territorians to inform us about their concerns for safety on our roads. From the early
number of responses received already, it is a good indicator that Territorians think there is a need for improvement of NT roads.”

AANT advocates for much-needed improvements to our roads, and the results will be collated and provided to government for consideration on improving NT’s roads.

The Risky Roads survey uses an interactive map showing NT roads and drops a pin on the area nominated by participants, and along with their feedback from people with local knowledge to indicate why they felt that
area was dangerous, the surveys collated data will help identify the most nominated dangerous roads or intersections in the NT.

While there is some data available for incidents of crashes that caused a death, the data for crashes that cause serious injury isn’t currently specific enough to build hotspot information, and by allowing the public a
domain that they can add in their experiences of near misses, minor incidents and what they have witnessed as a road user, it provides a clearer picture of a dangerous road or intersection that needs to be addressed.

“AANT continues to advocate for road safety, and as part of that mandate, we feel it’s important that AANT closely examines and listens to what Territorian’s think are the factors contributing to them feeling less safe
on our roads, and we provide that feedback to government, to help inform their planning,” said Mr Hill

(Photo - AANT’s CEO, Anthony Hill – Corner Bennett & Cavenagh Street intersection, where pedestrians and cars are both given the green light at the same time – nominated on the Risky Roads survey)

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Marketing & Communications Manager AANT
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