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Overseas Traveller Checklist

Your ultimate guide to getting into the Christmas Spirit! This comprehensive checklist contains everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the holiday season and once it arrives! Plus, just to spread a little extra cheer, we’ve included a special competition. Because, well, ‘tis the season to be jolly! Make sure to explore the Overseas Traveller checklist and get ready to make this Christmas unforgettable!





Before you go

Planning an international getaway for your Christmas break? We've got all your pre-departure essentials sorted!

Smart Traveller check list:

Check smarttraveller’s travel advice for your destination.


 Ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your expected return date.


Secure the right visa for the destinations you’re visiting or transiting through.

Travel insurance: 

Invest in comprehensive travel insurance to cover you and your belongings.

COVID vaccination: 

Obtain an international COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

International Driver Licence:

 Organise an International Driving Permit if your destination requires one.

Airport parking:

Book your airport parking and enjoy the convenience of travelling to the airport in your own car.


While your traveling

Embarking on an overseas adventure this Christmas holiday? Let us assist with the essential items on your checklist:

Health check:

Schedule a checkup with your doctor before your departure.


Consult your local pharmacist for any necessary vaccinations before you go. 

Travel insurance:

Ensure you have copies of your insurance policy and understand the claims process

The right travel insurance coverage:

Familiarise yourself with the coverage provided by your travel insurance policy for activities abroad.

Christmas gift:

Needing a Christmas gift quick? We have a variety of options available, ranging from the peace of mind provided by AANT membership to eGift cards and movie tickets.




Overseas inspiration

If you’re looking for that bit of inspiration to help make your journey even smoother or just some travel destinations look no further.

Summer in Canada:

This expansive northern country reveals a wealth of diverse attractions when the snow melts and the summer sun emerges. Learn more about Summer in Canada and consider this destination for the next Australian winter.

Travelling to Europe 2024?

Starting next year, the era of Australians entering Europe solely with their passports will come to a close. Find out the new entry requirements and be ready for the changes.

9  Overseas Holiday hotspots:

Take a break around the world this Christmas! Discover our top nine destinations overseas where you can experience a delightful and joyous Christmas.

Get ready for a fantastic holiday season with the Overseas Traveller Checklist!