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A Memorable Celebration at Parliament House

Reflecting on AANT's 60th Birthday Bash

In a splendid gathering marked by warmth and camaraderie, AANT (Automobile Association of the Northern Territory) celebrated its 60th birthday at Parliament House. The evening was a vibrant blend of esteemed long-term members, dedicated AANT contractors, approved repairers, and influential key stakeholders, all coming together to revel in this significant milestone.

The occasion was honoured by Minister Hon Eva Lawler, who revealed the financial support from both the NT Government and NT Motor Accident Compensation Commission for the Street Smart High program over the upcoming three years. This announcement highlighted the joint initiatives to bolster road safety, mirroring AANT's fundamental principles and its dedication to the community.

One of the features of the evening was the opportunity to engage with long-term members, delving deep into their experiences and understanding what it truly means to be a part of the AANT family. Their stories resonated with a sense of belonging and highlighted the pivotal role AANT plays in their lives.  Valerie Hamilton, a cherished long-term member for over 50 years, took centre stage during the night alongside Minister Hon Eva Lawler and AANT President Trevor Cox for the cutting of the cake.

During the event, a chance encounter between Daryl Boettcher, another long term-member, and Johan Cloete from Outback Mechanical, one of AANT's esteemed contractors based in Alice Springs, became a heartwarming moment. Daryl seized the occasion to express his gratitude to Johan for his invaluable assistance during a breakdown in Kulgera earlier in the year. This interaction showcased the strong bonds and mutual respect that exist within the AANT community.

The celebration served as a testament to the enduring spirit of AANT and its unwavering dedication to its members. It highlighted the organization's ability to foster meaningful connections among its members, contractors, and stakeholders, creating a strong support system that extends far beyond the realms of conventional membership. AANT's 60th birthday celebration was not just an event; it was a poignant reminder of the organisation's legacy, its impact on the lives of its members, and the collective commitment to shaping a safer, more connected community. Here's to 60 years of excellence and to many more years of fostering meaningful connections and promoting road safety for all.