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Map your journey

Why you should keep a current map in your glove box.

Words: James Gratton
Punching your destination into Google Maps has become commonplace for many drivers, ever since the app rolled out 15 years ago.

No matter the length of the journey, we’ve all relied on the little robotic voice to get us from A to B. This over dependence on digital directions has led to a decline in the popularity of hard-copy maps, once a staple in everyone’s glovebox.

Not only is using your GPS or mobile distracting while driving, but you also run the risk of getting hit with a fine if police catch you using your mobile when behind the wheel.

According to AANT Branch Manager Julie Timms, more and more motorists are turning to maps in a bid to switch off and plan trips across the NT and Australia.

“People are wanting to go into more remote areas and they know Google Maps or their phones won’t have reception all the time,” she says.
“They’re looking at going into the national parks and they want a map to plan their journey. Maps make people excited to plan a road trip.”

Unlike digital devices, a hard-copy map has all the information you need to help you navigate the trickiest of roads. So next time you’re preparing for a trip out on the open road, pack a map in your glove box, mark where you’ve been, and feel like a true explorer.


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