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Free driving lessons with car safety advice a bid to bring down the road toll

Free driving lessons with car safety advice a bid to bring down the road toll

A national road safety program which offers free driving lessons will now also offer free advice on safe cars in an effort to reduce road trauma.

From today, the free Keys2drive lessons will teach learners and their parents the importance of driving the safest car they can afford, based on vehicle safety ratings.

Keys2drive is funded by the Federal Government and supported by state motoring organisations, including AANT.

AANT Chief Executive Officer Anthony Hill said Keys2Drive has offered a free, one hour driving lesson by a qualified instructor to a learner driver and their parent or supervisor to improve their road safety skills since 2009.

In that time here have been around 350,000 free lesson provided to 700,000 participants across the nation, he said.

“Keys2drive aims to prevent death and injury of young drivers, especially those on their first six-months of P-plate driving,’’ Mr Hill said.

“This will be enhanced, as the driving instructors will now also pass on key messages to learners and their supervisors about the safety of the vehicle they’re driving.

“Following the Keys2drive lesson, learners and supervisors will receive a link to a short video, which is aimed at reinforcing key messages from the lesson.’’

These lessons include

•          Drive the safest car you can afford

•          A safer car doesn’t have to be brand new

•          P-platers should drive the safest car in the household

•          Search ‘ANCAP’ or ‘Used Car Safety Ratings’ online for more information.

ANCAP Chief Executive Mr James Goodwin said: “Younger drivers face a double vulnerability on our roads, as they generally drive older, less safe vehicles and are the most inexperienced.”

“ANCAP research shows vehicles older than 15 years are involved in 36 per cent of fatal crashes compared with newer vehicles which are involved in far fewer at 12 per cent,’’ Mr Goodwin said.

“Vehicle choice is an extremely important consideration for any new driver and we encourage learners and parents alike to check the ANCAP safety rating of the car they will be driving to make sure it is the safest choice.’’

Mr Hill said research by the University of New South Wales revealed Keys2drive participants were 40 per cent less likely to be involved in a crash that causes serious injury or death in their first six months on P-plates.

Learners can register for a free lesson keys2drive

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