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Driving the change: Hybrid vehicles leading the pack in the NT

While battery electric vehicles (BEVs) may be grabbing the headlines, it’s the hybrid vehicles that are zooming ahead on NT roads.

The latest update of the Australian Automobile Association EV Index website reveals some fascinating insights. Nationally, new electric vehicles outsold hybrids in the June quarter. But, in the NT, hybrids came out on top in terms of sales; showing that many Territorians are seeking cleaner transport options.

Delving into the data further, in the last quarter, the NT and SA emerged as a dynamic duo where hybrids outsold electric vehicles. Now, you might wonder why hybrids are making such a statement in our neck of the woods. The answer lies in practicality. While electric vehicles have their merits, concerns about charging infrastructure have made hybrids a more appealing choice for many of us.

AANT CEO Bron Stephens said “In the NT, consumers seem to be responding to incentives to buy cleaner vehicles but range anxiety and concerns over charging infrastructure has made hybrid sales much stronger than EV sales”.

The June quarter witnessed a strong surge in both hybrid and electric vehicle sales in the NT. Hybrids claimed an impressive 8.98% of Q2 sales, up from 6.29% from the previous quarter. Although electric vehicle’s had a slightly lower share at 2.28%, they still experienced a 2.08% rise. Which shows the NT’s enthusiasm for these cleaner options is undeniable.

In Darwin, Palmerston and Litchfield local government areas, the number of registered EV’s has more than doubled between January 2022 and January 2023. Ms Stephens said “We are seeing an increase in EV sales as savvy Territorians concerned about the environment and living expenses start to purchase them for driving around town.”

With the NT’s clear shift towards eco-friendly options, the BYD Atto 3 fits right in the eco-friendly scene. Thanks to generous Fringe Benefits Tax concessions, the Atto 3 has become an appealing choice for those embarking on their cleaner transportation journey. Additionally, AANT Salary Packaging in Darwin offers the opportunity to test drive the BYD Atto 3, allowing you to experience firsthand the array of benefits it brings to the table. Click here to talk to our team about setting up a test drive.

The road ahead is exciting. With electric vehicle prices expected to become more affordable and new fuel efficiency standards on the horizon, the future looks promising. Of course, there will still be questions about range and charging, but as technology improves and our mindset evolved, the NT is ready to steer toward a cleaner, greener tomorrow.