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The benefits of car hire: Increased space

Whether you need extra space to fit in a carload of kids or gear for your camping trip, or more room to stretch out on a long road trip, hiring a car is one of the best ways to get the perfect vehicle for the occasion.

Find your go-to ride for road trips in Australia

Now is the perfect time to explore everything Australia has to offer on four wheels. From the salty ocean air of our breathtaking coastline to the rugged landscape of the Red Centre, there’s no shortage of unforgettable road trips to add to your travel list this holiday season.

When you hit the road, you’ll no doubt have luggage and a stash of supplies in tow – and you’ll need enough space to pack it all up and take it with you. Luckily for you, Thrifty's large cars will give you all the space you need for a road trip with the family (and your luggage). So, what are you waiting for? Your next road trip adventure awaits!

Gear up for camping trips and outdoor adventures

If you’re someone who enjoys getting amongst nature, going ‘off the grid’ and indulging in a spot of camping, you’ll need a trusty vehicle to get you where you need to go – and safely store all your gear while you’re on the road.

Thrifty's range of 4WDs are ideal for camping trips and off-road adventures, with loads of space and power as well as 24-hour roadside assist for peace of mind while you're touring. And with more than 170 car hire locations around Australia, you’ll never have to travel far to rent a 4WD for your next camping adventure.

Gather up the whole gang

It can be a challenge to get everyone together for dinner or game night, let alone an extended car trip! But what better way to have some bonding time than a family day out or a road trip with friends? It’s these kinds of shared unique experiences that you’ll look back on as treasured memories.

So grab the kids, parents, grandparents, friends and even your pets and forget the hustle and bustle of the city for a while you cruise the open road. Of course, you’ll need more seats and space to accommodate the whole gang, and Thrifty's got people movers like 7-seater wagons, 8-seater vans and a variety of minibuses that are just the ticket

Next stop: Wherever your heart desires!

Pick a day, a weekend, a week or however long you like and start planning your next adventure with family or friends. And before you can say “Where’s the closest car rental near me?”, let us take care of it all – with 170 locations around Australia, there’s bound to be a Thrifty car rental in your area.

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