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Roadside Assist

AANT wish to advise members that with the evolving covid situation and high demand for services, that this is having an impact on wait time for roadside assistance which are currently longer than usual. Also, please note that our Patrols will be wearing masks and physically distancing, and we are asking that you always follow the direction of the service provider on attendance.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding during this challenging time.

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AANT's 60th Anniversary and brand refresh

AANT CEO Anthony Hill recently talked about AANT's 60th Anniversary, and the brand refresh taking place, in the latest edition of the Territory Q magazine.

Chief Executive Anthony Hill says: “We felt it was time for a rebranding, the first ever. We want to better reflect where we’re going.

“We’re attracting a lot of new members, particularly among young people, and want to project an image for this new demographic and changing environment.”

The new branding is a contemporary, modern design.

Its predecessor is no longer fit for purpose for a number of reasons, including the legibility difficulties and it no longer reflects AANT members as a whole.

The original logo is not banned, or being discarded – it is merely being retired and relegated as part of the esteemed AANT history.

Mr Hill says many Territorians still think of AANT as a road assistance club without fully realising that it offers many other services.

“Today we provide a much greater scope of member benefits and offerings, which will continue to evolve, so we aim to be seen as a club that people want to join, rather than just for our roadside assist service.”

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