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AANT Launches New Mobile App

Hon. Ngaree Ah Kit MLA (Minister for Corporate and Digital Development), Anthony Hill (AANT CEO) and Karen Hawkes (Captovate Director).

Media Release

20 September 2022

Territorians can now check their vehicle registration status, access fuel prices and even road condition reports, thanks to AANT’s new mobile app.

Development of the AANT app was based on the needs of members, from providing a digital version of their member card and receiving real-time notifications about member discounts, to functions such as checking or updating membership and insurance details.

AANT CEO Anthony Hill said “AANT recognised the need to improve the value of our product offering to members; to entice new members and retain current members. One of those shifts is the need to enable customers to transact and engage more efficiently.”

“It became necessary to be digitally mobile, which we noted will not only provide cost efficiencies to our business, but benefits to both us and our members in streamlining core processes such as membership renewals and administration of member benefits.”

“It also raises awareness of our rewards and member benefits programs, such as saving 6c per litre at United Fuel without needing a physical membership card, and connects users to related AANT advocacy topics like fuel prices and road safety” Mr Hill said, adding that all Territorians can access the app even if they are not a member.

AANT’s mobile app came to life through the Northern Territory government’s Business Innovation Program that helps businesses develop and commercialise innovative concepts.

AANT’s app launch event included special guests the Hon. Ngaree Ah Kit MLA, Minister for Corporate and Digital Development, and Mr Martin Reilly, Senior Policy Advisor.

Local Digital Agency, Captovate, is AANT’s digital partner and developed the AANT app, creating a design and navigation that ensures a great user experience.

Available to download today

The new AANT app for Android is available for download from the Google Play store, while the iOS version for Apple devices is available from the App Store. For more information, visit