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10 Tips help keep your Battery in tip top condition.

Taking care of your battery regularly is an easy thing to do and it will help prolong its life.  Check out our top 10 maintenance tips.

1. Dirt and Damp

Keep the battery case clean. Use battery terminal cleaner (follow directions) and dry well.  Ensure battery terminals are cleaned every service.

»  Caution: This procedure could permanently stain concrete and other hard surfaces if not protected. 


2. Loose Battery

Secure your battery.  Vibrations can damage the battery plates and loose connections can cause breakdowns. 

»  We don't recommend you try and take out or remount, this one is for the professionals!

3. Look out for warning signs

Warning signs like the engine turns over slower than normal or is generally sluggish to start.

»  If this is starting to happen and the battery is more than two to three years old, then it’s likely that your battery has an issue or may need replacement.

4. Short Trips

Short runs and infrequent use without regular charging will run down your battery. 

»  Try to take a steady one-hour daylight drive each week to prevent it from going flat.

5. Incorrect charging

Have a charge rate checked every major service. 

»  Both under and overcharging will reduce battery life.  AANT battery Service Centers can provide this service.

6. Electrolyte level check

If you have a low maintenance Battery carefully unscrew the vent caps and ensure the electrolyte is visible above the caps and ensure the electrolyte is visible above the top of the battery cell elements.  Do not overfill.

»  If your new battery is an AANT premium or Maintenance Free Type. There is no requirement to check electrolyte levels for the life of the battery.

7. Get your car serviced regularly

Batteries can fail without clear warning signs, so regularly servicing your car and requesting the battery be checked.  This can also pick up less obvious problems, like alternator or battery charging system issues.

»  AANT Approved Repairers are recommended by AANT. Find an Approved AANT - Mechanical Service Center in your location.

10. Precautions - at all times be safe

Ensure all switches are off and ignitions keys are removed before working on or near batteries.  Remove all metal jewellery- rings, watches etc.  Avoid sparks, flames, burning cigarettes etc.  Batteries give of explosive gases.  Seek advice before disconnecting a battery, especially if the has electronic systems or a radio with a PIN number. 

»  Have your battery tested every year, just before the dry season or a long road trip.

Roadside membership

Your AANT roadside membership covers call out for replacement batteries, whether you have broken down or just need your battery replaced call
131 111.  The AANT roadside assistance team will come out and replace your battery. 

AANT batteries have a nationwide warranty, and members receive discounts on batteries.

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