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The Northern Territory is synonymous with travel. Some of us travel for business, others to visit friends and relatives. Some just love the adventure! Whatever the reason, chances are you need Travel Insurance that covers you for frequent travel in Australia and overseas. From July 1 AANT will be offering a convenient Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance policy – complete peace of mind for the frequent traveller. We also have plenty of insurance options for single trips.

Domestic travel

Across Australia, business travel is the main driver of the increase in total domestic travel increasing last year by 15.8% to 17.3 million travellers. The average length of a business trip also increased by 14.7% to 3.8 nights. Travel to visit friends and relatives (known in the tourism industry as VFR travel) increased by a solid 5% to 29.5 million trips. An additional 1.4 million self-drive visitors accounted for 96 per cent of this increase, possibly due to lower fuel prices.

Growth in domestic overnight trips and nights occurred across all states and territories, with expenditure increasing in all states except Queensland (down 0.7% to $13.7 billion). While both Tasmania and the ACT recorded very strong growth in expenditure (up 16.5% and 11.3%, respectively), 75 per cent of actual growth came from New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

International travel

The number of short-term departures in Australia hit an all-time high in March 2015, with 9.2 million Australian residents making overseas trips and the figures are steadily increasing. New Zealand is still the most popular destination bringing in 1.2 million Australian travellers from 2013-2014. Indonesia follows closely behind with 1 million visitors suggesting it might soon overtake New Zealand as Australia’s favourite holiday destination. Departures to India recorded the strongest growth with an increase of 321.3%.

Here are Australia’s favourite overseas destinations.

1. New Zealand
2. Indonesia
3. United States
4. Thailand
5. United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man
6. China
7. Singapore
8. Fiji
9. Malaysia
10. India

Multi-trip travel insurance provides cover in Australia and overseas. For more information call AANT 08 8925 5901

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