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Fair NT Fuel Prices

The AANT closely monitors fuel prices across the Northern Territory, world oil prices, exchange rates and Singapore refinery prices. We believe that market forces should dictate price, including the cost of production and supply, and the level of competition that exists in those markets. A free and open competitive best serves the interests of consumers. Government legislation and policy should be directed towards ensuring that all sections of the oil industry in Australia (refining, wholesaling, distribution and retailing) operate in a transparent and competitive manner.


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Through advocacy and community engagement, AANT has contributed positively to driving down excessive fuel prices in the NT.

NT Fuel Prices

Find the best deal on fuel by using the NT Government tool MyFuel NT.

Service Station Locator

United Fuel Service Station

Find your nearest service station with this handy Service Station Locator, with links to every major fuel company. Remember AANT members receive 6c off United Fuel.

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    NT Fuel Prices

    The Northern Territory Government on 1 November 2017 established MyFuel NT. MyFuel NT aims to encourage greater competition in the Territory fuel market. The MyFuel NT website can be found at www.myfuelnt.nt.gov.au
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    Territory Batteries

    AANT can now offer a complete range of car, four wheel drive, deep cycle and marine batteries. Extra heavy duty 4WD batteries are available from the latest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) battery types, incorporating calcium constructed positive and negative grids to the very earliest Lead Antimony types. All batteries have convenient carry handles. Some types are maintenance free […]
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    Bullbar Safety Risk

    While the origin of the bullbar is unknown, they are believed to have evolved in the bush, where the risk of hitting an animal is high. They also have a long tradition of use by people travelling in rural Australia. Bullbars are designed to protect the cooling system from damage in an accident, thus reducing […]
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