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According to the Australian Greenhouse Calculator, Australian households generate at least one-fifth of Australia’s greenhouse gases – more than 18 tonnes per household each year. Most families, however, can lower their greenhouse gas emissions and save money by reducing energy consumption associated with travel and transport.

Travelling to work

How many of us drive to work, from suburb to city, side by side? Car pooling is a great option that not only reduces cars on the road and emissions, but creates a bigger sense of community. Or consider taking the bus. These options have the added benefit of saving you the cost of petrol and parking. If your workplace is close to home, consider walking or cycling, and improve your health while you do the right thing for the environment.

Planning ahead

A little bit of forward planning will save you needing to make multiple trips. Plan your social life, shopping and errands to reduce the number of times you need to take the car.

Alternate transport

If you’re heading interstate, consider taking the bus or train. It’s a lovely, relaxing way to travel and is far more energy efficient. And try to reduce the amount of air travel you do. Planes contribute more CO2 per person than any other mode of transport.

Carbon offsets

When travelling, reduce your environmental impact by taking advantage of an approved carbon offset program. Carbon offsetting delivers finance to essential renewable energyforestry and conservation projects which offset greenhouse gas emissions. Funded programs must be ‘additional’ i.e. they would not happen without the sale of carbon credits.  

To find out more ways to reduce the impact you personal vehicle has on the environment, check out our Eco-friendly Driving Tips.

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