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Batteries in Hot Weather

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Hot weather and heat under the hood causes water to evaporate out of your battery and accelerates corrosion. Territory motorists should pop the hood regularly to check battery terminals and water levels. 

Here are a few quick tips to help you get the longest possible life out of your battery:

  • Buy a battery with the proper rating for your car. The battery rating is listed in the owner’s manual and stamped the battery casing.
  • Keep battery terminals clean and dry at all times. Any corrosion (looks like white or green fungus) around the terminals should be wiped away.
  • Maintain fluid levels but never over-fill your battery. Distilled water is recommended for topping up your battery (do not use tap water).
  • Never leave your battery standing for long periods without being charged.
  • Secure/clamp your battery. Unsecured battery can damage the internal plates and reduce the life of the battery.
  • Don’t drain your battery by leaving lights or accessories on.
  • Read your owner’s manual before disconnecting your battery to ensure that computer or radio memories are not lost.

If it is time for a replacement battery, AANT Members can phone Roadside Assistance on 131 111 and one of our expert mechanics will deliver and fit one for you at no extra cost. Or you can visit an AANT Battery Stockist in your local area. Consider the length of warranty you would prefer: Heavy Duty 12-month nationwide warranty, Extra Heavy Duty 24-month warranty, and Premium 36-month warranty. And remember – Plus and Premium members receive a further $11 off the member price of all batteries.


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