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AANT is the leading advocate for over 20,000 members on motoring and road safety issues in the Northern Territory. We provide a voice for members and champion the issues that you care about such as fair fuel pricing and safety for all road users. At Territory and Federal levels, in government and industry, we continue to advocate for competitive fuel pricing, safer drivers, safer cars and safer roads. Please contact AANT with your feedback or concerns about motoring in the Territory.

Improved Safety

Improved safety

AANT is committed to improving safety on our roads including safe driving, speed limits, advice for young drivers and support for the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

Affordable Motoring

Loose change on table

Territory motorists deserve more competitive pricing at the bowser. AANT calls for a nationally consistent approach to fuel pricing and clearer link between taxes and our transport infrastructure.

Better Roads

Aerial view of road train

Ultimately, safe roads save lives. Research shows that improved infrastructure means less serious injuries and fatalities on our roads. AANT continues to push for investment in the NT road network.

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    Braking System Jargon

    Everybody hates TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) and developers of braking technology have to be some of the worst offenders. So let’s take the mystery out of braking system jargon. ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) A tyre grips best when the wheel is rolling. Without ABS when you brake hard, the wheel stops turning and steering is compromised. ABS has sensors in […]
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    How Do Airbags Work?

    While airbags are not compulsory, over the last few years they have become more common with most new car manufacturers now fitting at least a driver’s side airbag. A number of models also have passenger and side impact airbags as optional extras. If airbags are fitted, the steering wheel cover and/or dashboard cover of you car will […]
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    Cruise Control in the Wet

    The short answer is no. AANT recommends that you think of cruise control as ‘cruisy’ control i.e. a handy device to use when driving conditions are cruisy. Cruise control is used to keep the speed of the vehicle constant. Hence if it has been set to 100 km/h speed, the car will automatically enter a corner at […]
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