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International Driving Permit Application

Even if you dont intend to drive when you travel overseas, you should still carry an International Driving Permit. International Driving Permits (IDP) provide inexpensive security when travelling overseas.

Your IDP:

  • Is a special permit for tourists, authorised by a United Nations Treaty for the purpose of allowing motorists to drive internationally without further tests or applications provided their domestic drivers licence is valid.
  • Can be used as another form of identification alongside your passport in over 150 countries worldwide, providing your details in different languages (English, Spanish, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Chinese, German, Arabic and French).
  • Must be carried with your Australian Driver's Licence to be valid.

Requirements for the issuing of an IDP:

  • You must be an Australian Citizen, at least 18 years of age.
  • Hold a current Australian driver's licence.
  • Provisional licence holders are eligible however must be 18 years of age.  
  • IDPs cannot be issued for learning permits.

IDPs are issued through State and Territory Motoring Clubs. All you need to do is take a copy of your current drivers licence into your local club with a passport size photo and fill out an application form, which can be downloaded at the top of this page.

For more information on your overseas travel needs contact the AANT on 08 8925 5901, visit 2/14 Knuckey Street Darwin NT or email travel@aant.com.au.

For information on international road service clubs and international road signage download the AAA Handbook for Motorists from the Australian Automobile Association.

Internet IDP Warning

Counterfeit IDPs are being offered for sale on the Internet, usually at inflated prices. These forged IDPs are illegal and can get the holder into a great deal of difficulty with the traffic authorities in various countries.

In Australia only the Australian Automobile Association, through the State and Territory Motoring Clubs, is authorised to issue IDPs.

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